06:45 AM

Has News Site TechPulse 360 Bit The Dust?

TechPulse360 is, or was, a daily news site focused on tech and clean tech, run by Mark Boslet, a former journalist at San Jose Mercury News, and Jean-Baptise Su, a veteran Silicon Valley correspondent for numerous publications.

TechPulse 360 is about two years old. Its most recent entry was more than one month ago:


At the PayPal X conference in San Francisco, PayPal president Scott Thompson confirmed once more that the San Jose, Calif.-based company has no plans to go IPO anytime soon. "We're happy to be part of eBay, and I don't believe that it's likely to change anytime soon!"

The last time I saw Mark Boslet was at the DEMO conference earlier this year. He said he had picked up some work writing white papers for various tech companies.

The demise of TechPulse 360 is a sad event because it was run by media professionals and employed a high standard of reporting. But quality content does not mean that it can survive in today's media world where quantity is rewarded over quality, and where you need to pay attention to "page view journalism" rather than seeking out the best stories.

It used to be the case that quality content was able to find a large readership on the Internet. But with the noise level rising, you have to be an astute marketeer to gain an audience today.