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Happy New Year . . . And The Blogger Media Bus to CES - A New Further?

Happy New Year to all my readers. 2008 is going to be interesting for Silicon Valley Watcher, with plans to expand and bring in new writers and also to focus less on "Web 2.0" and more on IT enterprise and the business of technology.

GigaOm and TechCrunch do a good job writing about "Web 2.0" type companies but they are just a fraction of the companies in Silicon Valley and beyond. And thats what SVW hopes to do, focus more on enterprise IT companies, and other tech companies that don't get much attention from the media.

Over the next few days I will post a few articles about my travels to London and New York in December, and some of the big changes that technology is having on media companies--especially in London, where outsourcing of journalist jobs to India is happening at an accelerating pace.


I hadn't planned on going to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas next week but I couldn't resist the invitation to a "blogger" media bus. The bus is a pimped out high tech media broadcast studio on wheels. It sets off from the Microsoft Silicon Valley campus Saturday morning and returns the following Friday. Sponsored by Microsoft, AMD, Skype, and Logitech.

I'll be on board along with Robert Scoble, Dan Farber, Loic Le Meur, Hugh MacLeod, Jeremy Toeman, Robert McLaws, Jason Dunn, Marc Canter and Dave Winer. Eight hours on the bus with these merry blogsters should be interesting.

It might even be a bit like Ken Kesey's "Further" bus which was filled with the "Merry Pranksters." I'll be playing the role of Neal Cassady, Dan Farber will be Tom Wolfe, Canter can play Wavy Gravy, Scoble can be Ken Kesey, and Winer can be Timothy Leary(!)

The bus was going to be called the Blue Monster but some senior exec at Microsoft objected to the name. Let's rename it Furthermore in honor of the Merry Pranksters.

Marc Canter has been inspired to write a poem about it:

Oh I'll be there, and on a tare

like a funky throbbing notion

of the blogosphare

And as the day transpires

and the folks get tired

I'll ignite the scene like fire

and suggest new fresh faire

For us all to see

like a big Hee Hee

and a enigmatic blogger

in her underwear

So lets video some news

and pour down some Milwaukee brews

and walk the strip til dawn ah singing of the

Facebook blues

(From http://upcoming.yahoo.com/event/225589/)

At CES I'll be moderating some of the live video broadcasts from Showstoppers, and other things at Podtech's Bloghaus.

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