03:04 AM

Groupon Criticism By UK Advertising Body

TechEye reports that Groupon has gotten into trouble with the UK Advertising Standards Association because of misleading ads.

One email ad claimed a saving of 60 percent on a meal for two at a South American restaurant. However the ASA pointed out that this was misleading because one person had to pay for a full price meal in order for the discount to be valid.

A second advert was also criticised after it promised a 60 percent discount on a Segway Safari experience. However, what it failed to mention was that the deal was only available at the weekend for an additional £10.

It also told a few porkies with a sales promotion offering a meal with an original price tag of £83.50 for £29. However one foodie complained stating that if two people were to pick the most expensive items on the menu the total sum wouldn't amount to £83.50.

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