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Green Tech Investment Rebounds In Latest Quarter - Smaller Deals

Greentech Media reports:

- Second quarter VC investments jumped to $1.2 billion in 85 deals compared with first quarter $836 million in 59 deals.

- Solar power was once again the leading investment segment at more than $330 million.

- One of the drivers for steady second quarter venture investment was the promise of stimulus monies offering startup investors a non-dilutive funding source.

- Early-stage and late-stage investments dominated, while mid-stage funding was harder to come by, and the average round sizes were slightly smaller.

- No giant $100 million+ solar or biofuel rounds as in 2008.

- Second quarter was more balanced investments across sectors:

Solar $333.4M+ 17 deals

Automotive and Transportation   $202.5M+   8 deals

Biofuels, Gasification, Cleaner Coal   $195M+ 12 deals

Batteries, FCs, Energy Storage   $181.5M 10 deals

EE, DR and Smart Grid $101.4M+ 11 deals

Lighting   $47.3M 8 deals

Green IT   $34M   2 deals

Wind and Geothermal $22.2M+   4 deals

Water $16.8M+ 4 deals

Carbon Markets / Energy Monitoring   $16.68M   3 deals

Green Buildings   $7.5M   3 deals

Miscellaneous   $14.45M   3 deals

Q2 VC Totals   $1,172.8M+   85 deals

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