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Graphing Social Patterns: Notes on the Afternoon Sessions (updated through the day...)

Graphing Social Patterns [From presentations...]

Danny Sullivan

Danny Sullivan - Search Engine Land

From Search to Social.

3rd generational search is hitting right now. Focus is on specific topics.

Personalized search is part of what is happening now. When you search the results move up or down based on your previous habits, but it is done is a subtle manner.

Social search - Eurekster is a good example. Yahoo My Web is another example.

Facebook is not in the search business but they could be in the discovery business.


Apps, Widgets and Viral Marketing panel moderated by Rafe Needleman, with Hooman Radfar from Clearspring; Giles Goodwin Widgetbox; Jeff Nolan, Newsgator.

Right now there is a lot of goodwill, you can learn and make mistakes, it's all learning. So it is good to do it now.

The Facebook platform is part of a much larger phenomena. Learn to optimize on Facebook to apply those lessons to future platforms.

Developing Facebook apps can take 4 weeks it doesn't have the richness of functionality, still issues with the platform.

Widgets have to be trackable, the widget itself is the advertisement.

Make widgets clear, simple.

We will have many platforms. There are many destination points.

Terms of service: Keeping to terms of service could putt some companies out of business. Users dictate what terms they will accept.


Facebook ad networks and paid content distribution panel - Moderated by Jeremy Liew, Lightspeed; with Joe Hurd, VideoEgg; Ro Cho, Rockyou; Narendra Rocherolle, fbexchange; Philip Kaplan, Adbrite.

Brands are interested in getting involved with social platforms because of the viral nature of the platform.

We've seen Yahoo gain a lot of traffic from their Facebook apps.

Adbrite is getting a lot of advertising from Facebook developers, we have a separate ad channel for them. They have big budgets.

Brand advertisers like video ads on Facebook.

5k Facebook applications, and they are immediately handed a lot of personal data.

You can get millions of users for your applications cost free, and that has not been possible before.

Respect your users. It is a very sophisticated user base.

Facebook needs to prove itself as an ad network.


Facebook Business Models & Monetization panel - Saar Gur CRV (moderator), Keith Rabois Slide.com, Scott Rafer Lookery, Oren Michels, Mashery, Craig Ulliot Where I’ve been.

Slide.com: We acquired all our users for free so we don't feel a need to make money right now but we believe we will be able to make money in 2008.

About 10 percent of Facebook activity is on applications. Maybe $1/2m to $3M a month goes to Facebook ads on apps.

Premium upgrades are probably the way to make money in Facebook.

Facebook needs a universal checkout account, a uniform wallet would be beneficial to a lot of people.

There will be new business models, there is a lot of room for experimentation.

Some people might have as much influence on sneakers within their groups as Michael Jordan has across markets.

Google placed top yielding ads at the top was done to avoid Overture patents said Scott Rafer.

Simple, social applications that are universal is the best strategy to ultimately monetize Facebook.

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