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Graphing Social Patterns - Facebook Notes Morning Session

Graphing Social Patterns [From presentations...]

Charlene Li - Forrester Group

Example of bad Facebook ads: Jeep Wrangler ads not good.

Behavioural data is more valuable than demographic data. MySpace offers behavioral data Facebook does not.

I haven't seen a great Facebook app yet.

Lance TokudaLance Tokuda - RockYou (a Facebook app developer.)

SuperWall took one day to design, implemented the next day, promoted with 100k users, after 3 weeks there were 2m users.

Some on Facebook are good at content others are good at distribution. Good to have a partnership.

Virality is going down slightly.

Can't do this on web, it is the virality that is important.

Best distribution platform 7 times better than Facebook but only 1 per cent succeed.

Amazon S3 services is good to use for Facebook apps. You only need to worry about database scaling, Facebook serves a lot of your pages.

SethGoldstein.jpg Seth Goldstein - Social Media

Advertising = Appvertising.

Facebook could provide the promise of personalized advertising because advert is tied to social data.

Facebook will provide new models of advertising that weren't possible until now.

You can ask questions across applications that can reach hundreds of thousands of people.

Need to build advertising specifically for social networks.

I was shocked how Facebook users provided information about themselves.

In our Food Fight application people earn virtual money by answering questions and then they can pay for food to throw. We found many would pay 20 times more for throwing "poop."

Can you make a business from throwing "poop?" People want to do things they can't do in real life. I don't do it and I don't think it is sustainable. But the engagement levels are out of control.


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