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Google Reveals Deleted Blog By Eric Schmidt's Ex-Girlfriend

It's a lovely irony that Google CEO Eric Schmidt's private life is partially revealed by Google, at a time when Google has been criticized for revealing user's private information in its Buzz service.

Ryan Tate on Gawker, reports that sources said lawyers for Mr Schmidt threatened his ex-girlfriend with legal action unless she removed her blog. Her blog was removed from Google's Blogger hosted blog service.

We flagged the blog on Friday, reporting that Bohner had repeatedly mentioned Schmidt in a blog tied to a planned book about her recovery from alcohol and drug addiction, and predicting Schmidt, who is married, wouldn't be thrilled.

...Bohner removed the site after threats from Schmidt's lawyers this weekend, according to a source close to the situation.

"When a billionaire threatens you, you get in line," this person said.

However, the blog can still be seen in this cached copy, courtesy of Google.

It seems strange that Mr Schmidt would try to keep a private relationship out of the public eye by this very public act. And why didn't he have the cached copy wiped? I'm sure he could pull a couple of strings at work.

Ryan Tate points to an interview Mr Schmidt gave to TV reporter Maria Bartiromo in December 2009, in which he defends Google against critics that say it invades people's privacy. He says: "If you have something that you don't want anyone to know, maybe you shouldn't be doing it in the first place."

In 2005 he got upset with CNET when it published private information about Mr Schmidt that was easily found through Google's search engine. He banned Google's media relations team from working with CNET.

You would think that the CEO of Google would know how Google works. And how not to draw attention to yourself and your ex-girlfriends. Or maybe he's boasting.

Google CEO's Public and Private Moments With 'Ex' Girlfriend - marcy simon - Gawker

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