13:44 PM

Google: Please Give Me A Throat To Choke...

I have a serious problem: my GMail contacts won't load. That means GMail is almost unusable because it won't autocomplete my email addresses. I have to go search and paste email addresses, it's too many clicks

For the past two months I get this message on GMail:

"Gmail is temporarily unable to access your Contacts. You may experience issues while this persists."

It's not temporary, it's been going on for months. I've spent many days on Google support forums and found others with this problem. There is no solution that I can find. And there is no response from Google.

I wish I paid for GMail so at least I would have "a throat to choke," a great expression from the world of enterprise IT, where support is paramount.

GMail might be out of "Beta" but it's out of service -- at least for me and quite a few others. But we're just a rounding error on GMail usage stats, there is no motivation from Google to fix this.

Google, please let me pay for GMail, please give me a throat to choke.