23:08 PM

Global Media Evaluating Business Models Around An Unique Publishing Medium

Updated: Global media companies are evaluating business models around a publishing medium with unique properties. Here's some of its specs:

- Instant on.

- Preserves data without power.

- High resolution.

- Portable.


- Can survive being dropped from 6 foot.

-Stylus input.

-Content can be annotated.

- Lightweight.

- Readable in bright sunlight.

- Range of realistic tactile surfaces.

- DRM qualities built-in -- it can only be copied with special machinery.

- Can be produced inexpensively with sustainable materials.

- Eliminates the digital divide.


- Doesn't require specialist disposal.

- Resistant to wide operating temperature range from Arctic to hottest desert.

- Can be used for signage, and combined into panels for billboard-sized displays.

- Absorbent. Can be used with ink and also for human hygiene purposes.

Writer and publisher Dave Eggers recently said: "I just love the form." Jeff Jarvis hates it.