21:01 PM

Genietown Launches Local Services Site

Genietown is the latest in a series of web sites that seeks to tap into local services. The Palo Alto based company announced the launch of a public beta focused on the San Francisco/Bay Area region.

GenieTown enables thriving niche service markets by facilitating opportunities for people to demonstrate their capabilities and passions and connect them with those looking for their help. Customers in need of specific services can create a project and service providers (Genies) can then respond directly and tailor their offer based on the opportunity.

Services that define the GenieTown community include everything from home improvement and personal chefs, to music lessons and help with computer networks. Genies could be inspired by earning extra money or simply because they want to help others within their community.

In addition to completed transactions, Genies are encouraged to build their online reputation to gain exposure within the community and earn credibility and trust by contributing articles, sharing tips and tricks, and answering questions. Genies earn a rating based on the value of information they contribute within the community as well as the overall quality of services provided to customers. Customers, in turn, also earn ratings too, which keeps the community engaged, accountable and interactive.