06:35 AM

Friends Don't Follow Friends...

It's interesting that my closest friends and family tend not to follow me on Twitter, Facebook or read SVW. They do occasionally, but it's rare.

I don't mind that my friends and family don't really know what I get up to online. But I do know some people that are upset that their friends don't have the same interest in their online worlds as do strangers thousands of miles away.

I asked on Twitter: Do you find that your closest friends tend not to follow you on Twitter or Facebook or your blog?

Here are some of the replies:

@peter that's absolutely true for me. Of course, most of them are not online all the time like I am. :-)

@meredithob - yes, i interact w/ my closest friends on a more personal level. communication is exchange-driven, they don't "follow" me.

@mindblink yes, it's mostly totally random strangers like me.... :)

@tiffanyanderson Some of my closest friends don't even know what twitter is. (^;

@JohnRourke ...So true

@chrissfife I tweet and blog mostly about marketing, many of my pals couldn't care less about marketing so they don't follow or read blog

@ginavon yes- I would agree w/that.

@james3neal - My best friend and my sister know that I love Twitter but neither one reads my Twitter feed. Sometimes my Mom does. :-)

@emiliecole I'd say more so on Twitter, as it seems to be most used for professional interests, convos and connections...

@SMCreative Yes, but they read it and make comments. Oddly enough I believe they're reluctant to have to redefine you in their heads.

Maybe it's the company I keep online, mostly media, PR, marketing specialists. We're interested in these media as extensions of what we do rather than using them for what they were created for: allowing friends and family to stay in touch more easily.