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Fridays with Foremski: Panel On Obama's Tech Policies

Fridays with Foremski: panel discussion

Here is the panel discussion from "Fridays with Foremski" a proposed weekly video series that showcases the extraordinary region of Silicon Valley.

Panelists: Drew Clark (IBM Ventures) Jim Dempsey (Center for Democracy and Technology) Sylvia Paull (founder of Gracenet) Godfrey Sullivan (Splunk) Matthew Greeley (Brightidea).

It's a lively discussion about President Obama's tech policies and what Silicon Valley needs to continue to do what it does best: disrupt industries.

The panel is part of a pilot program called "Fridays with Foremski" that follows me around Silicon Valley as I speak with local entrepreneurs, thought leaders, report on conferences, etc. Silicon Valley is an unique place and we want to produce a professional program that captures some of the essence of this amazing community.

We'd like to attract a couple of large underwriters for the series, we're talking with one large company, if you know of another let me know. That way you might see a second episode . . . coming to a Friday near you :)

Produced by SF Media Collective. Recorded at the Horn Group.

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