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Friday's Guest Posts: Hundreds Of Millions Of Women Missing From Online Worlds

Fridays is when SVW opens up to additional voices by publishing some of the guest posts that readers send to us. This week there's a coincidental theme: the hundreds of millions of women that are missing from the global online communities.

It's a massive gender gap that is found within the digital gap -- an economic barrier. But it's also a cultural obstacle. This infographic sent by  Muhammad Saleem from Brain Track illustrates the issues.

Intel Free Press interviewed Trina DasGupta the Director of the GSMA mWomen organization, whose mission is to help more than 300 million women acquire their own mobile phones.

Maryruth Belsey Priebe from Noble Profit, profiles two projects by social entrepreneurs that have helped alleviate women's burdens in the collection and transportation of clean water.

Also: Social By Design announces a new type of marketing lab based on work at Stanford University.

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DejaView from earlier: 

- Richard Edelman, the head of the world's largest privately held PR firm speaks at the Churchill Club on the contagious lack of trust that is infecting business, government, and entire industry sectors. - Video extracts from Richard Edelman panel at Churchill Club.

- The massive amount of content that's being produced will grow ever larger as web sites pursue falling advertising rates, making it more difficult for all types of content to cut through the noise.

Silicon Valley has become a Media Valley, a giant virtual Gutenberg machine that's evolved from moveable type to programmable type.

- The martyrdom of Aaron Swartz: Where were the activists when he needed them the most? His suicide is being used to promote open data agendas, and a reform of the judicial system yet he chose not to link his death with anything at all.

- The Crunchies Awards in photos: Geeks dress up and head to San Francisco's Davies Symphony Hall for a mutual adoration festival.