18:23 PM

Friday Watch: The Geek Beacon wins (or steals) the taxi cab...

Here is some more testimony to the power of the Geek Beacon (the light from a Treo or smart-phone). I was trying to find a cab Thursday night on Geary. So I pulled out and turned on my Geek Beacon.

Most of the taxis were full but within a few minutes an empty cab pulled up. As I got in, I noticed that I had inadvertently "stolen" the taxi from a couple, who had been standing 10 yards ahead of me, trying to wave down a cab.

Alas, those people were Geek Beacon-less, and still standing on the curb. I was riding downtown, and feeling only lightly guilty--more of an "oops sorry," but what can you do? They had witnessed the simple effectiveness of the Geek Beacon and its mesmerizing effect on taxicabs. Try it.