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Friday Watch: Podcasts, Better Writing, China's Tech, Khosla at Cleantech 2007, Wired Mag Cover: You

Here is the podcast (92 minutes) from the recent Social Media Club in San Francisco on the subject of social media tools and saving the planet:

Social Media Club - » Social Media Club San Francisco Podcast


TauMed.com--a free online health community is preparing for an official public beta launch. You can preview personalization tools and community tools for a "My Health Space" capability in building support networks. Medical sites are very hot these days because of the pharma advertising money.


The iSuppli market research firm brings attention to China's development of key technology standards for its domestic market which are designed to protect its indigenous companies.

There are several major technology standards that have been released or are now under development that will have a major influence on high-technology markets in China, including:

· The digital terrestrial television broadcast standard, which will go into effect on Aug. 1.

· The AVS standard, which passed the Ministry of Information Industry (MII)’s examination in December 2005 and became a recommended standard on Mar. 1, 2006.

· Automotive specifications covering areas including sensors, testing, diagnostics, electromagnetic compatibility and networking and interface protocols.

· The TD-SCDMA 3G mobile-phone standard, which is being used on a trial basis by 20,000 consumers in China.

· The mobile TV standard, which is yet to be determined by China’s State Administration of Radio, Film and Television (SARFT).

· WiMAX wireless broadband, a technology that remains in a trial period in China.

Find out more from iSuppli's free whitepaper: The Progress and Pitfalls of Chinese Technology Standards



I was recently interviewed by Sam Whitmore, from the excellent Sam Whitmore's Media Survey. Sam is the top media watcher, if you aren't a subscriber, you should consider it seriously.

Here is the url:  http://doiop.com/tom-mp3 for the podcast   (Thanks David Scott Lewis for the shortened url!)


Coming up: Vinod Khosla will keynote Cleantech 2007.

Produced by TechConnect.org and collocated with the 10th annual
Nanotech 2007 conference, Cleantech 2007 will be held May 23-24, 2007
at the Santa Clara Convention Center bringing bleeding edge
innovations and the scientific community behind them to the forefront
of the global sustainability forum.


Better web writing techniques.

Excellent interview on Poynter, here is a sample :

Chris Nodder, a Web-writing expert and user experience specialist for the Nielsen Norman Group.

  • Use the inverted pyramid. Start with the conclusion.
  • Write abstracts or summaries for longer content.
  • Tell readers what questions they can expect an article to answer.
  • Make small chunks of content with one or two ideas in each chunk.
  • Group content that is similar.
  • Write unique titles, headings and subheadings.
  • Make lists, not paragraphs. Bulleted lists and white space can break up text.


Get on the cover of Wired Magazine! 

Wired subscribers can upload a photo and customize the headlines and color palette. The first 5,000 subscribers to do so will receive a customized July issue, whose cover story is on the future of personalization.
Full details: http://www.condenet.com/sweeps/xerox_wired_photo/entry/long


Coming up next week: Emergence Capital Partners--why focus matters for a VC fund.