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Friday Night Market On Mid-Market Street A Big Hit - Mayor And Supes Attend

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The new Friday market on mid-Market Street was a big hit with hundreds of people enjoying drinks, food trucks, and shopping eclectic stalls on a warm autumn evening. Mayor Ed Lee and several supervisors arrived, too. I managed to speak briefly with the Mayor about some of the tech community issues and urged him to integrate the tech community and not keep it segregated. He agreed and said the Friday market was a step in that direction.


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Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to tell the mayor about an idea I had, to have Google et al. up the extra quarter on Muni bus fares. They rose by a quarter to $2.25 on September 1. It would be a great publicity gesture if those firms picked up that quarter for all riders as a show of support for busses for everyone. They have often been criticized for using bus stops and city resources and not paying a full share.

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The mayor poses with a Homeland security guard who is always ready to draw.

A charity called San Francisco Beautiful that was founded in 1947 helped organize the event. I spoke with its Executive Director Kearstin Krehbiel. He was very pleased with the turnout. "It's a success, the Mayor is here and at least three supervisors have come."  He said he was hoping to entice local restaurants to be involved in future Fridays, not just food trucks. 

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 There will be a Friday Night Market every Friday until October 24 and then it will be extended if it continues to do well.

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