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Friday News Watch: Intel Turns 40 . . .

News Links for Silicon Valley and beyond...

The Making Of A Behemouth

Since its incorporation 40 years ago today, Intel Corp. has exemplified the culture of Silicon Valley. Tom Abate

Wall Street Journal:

Google Buys Russian Online Ad Firm

Tech Firms Rise Above Turbulence

Sony Ericsson Hurt by Weak Sales

Police Arrest, Try to Hire Computer Hacker

Russian Billionaire's Yacht Makes Waves

Ledger Dazzles in Suffocatingly Dark 'Knight'

A Cloud Over the U.S. Solar Push

New York Times:

Bits Blog: Google Deliberately Sells Fewer Ads — and May Have Gone Too Far

Wikipedia Tries Approval System to Reduce Vandalism on Pages

Amazon Plans an Online Store for Movies and TV Shows

City Room: What a Pimp Reads

Everybody’s Business: Lessons in Love, by Way of Economics


Legg Mason: We're backing Yahoo

AMD CEO discusses plan to compete with Intel Atom chip

Is Al Gore Nuts?

Torvalds attacks IT industry 'security circus'

New Yahoo filing. A lot like the old Yahoo filing

Yahoo gives prime Net real estate to Icahn-bashing site

AT&T mistakenly announces free Wi-Fi for iPhone users...again

San Francisco Chronicle:

TECH CHRONICLES BlogHer conference starts today in S.F. with a global presence Ladies, start your laptops. The BlogHer 4 convention is rolling into...

San Jose Mercury:

A chat with Yahoo's David Filo

You’re looking for a “TV”? Oh, you mean a living-room monitor with the entertainment interface

Cypress Semiconductor rides the sales power of SunPower

Silicon Valley set to lose yet another public company

Polish exchange for start-ups? No joke.