12:28 PM

Friday News Watch: Die! iPhone Mania! Die! Die! Die! . . .

A tidal wave of iPhone stories Thursday swept away many other news stories. I hope the iPhone mania will die very soon but it probably won't. Here is some of the iPhone coverage plus a few stories not about the iPhone.

eBay's iPhone app now out of the box

Twitterrific for the Apple App Store

iPhone OS 2.0 Unlocked (YES!)

Searching on an iPhone can be fun

Microsoft's first iPhone app--Tellme?

Apple Imposes Gag Rule on iPhone Application Makers

Wall Street Journal:

Semiconductor Suppliers Hit by Downturn

EBay Drops PayPal Plan Down Under

Microsoft Ready to Hit Back at Mac Guy

Most Workers Aren’t Satisfied With Their Tech Departments

Tech Diary: Hooked on Chinese Phonics - Video

New York Times:

Apple's Latest Opens a Developers' Playground

Yahoo Is Inviting Partners to Build on Its Search Power

Senators Weigh Possible Rules for Advertising and Online Privacy

SF Chronicle:

You are not reading enough Has the Internet killed the joys of sitting...

Have Highbrow Porn, Will Travel Violet Blue investigates CineKink, the...

Armed man shot to death during raid on marijuana farm near Saratoga

Samsung Instinct breaks Best Buy sales record

Solar PV bulks up


Whole Foods CEO: Bill Gates should consider "conscious capitalism"

Going thin on Road Trip 2008 with the MacBook Air


Put Meebo IM on your desktop with Meebone

Amid the App Store fanfare, Apple releases significant update for AppleTV

Yahoo Patents Anchor Text Relevance in Search Indexing

NxE's Fifty Most Influential ‘Female’ Bloggers

New York Magazine Buys Restaurants Menu Site Menupages