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Friday Fishwrap: The Age Of Bronze . . . And Other Tales Of Disruption


[Wrapping up the week in three dots . . .]

. . . Congratulations to Mike Arrington's TechCrunch on its four year anniversary. I went to the celebration at the TechCrunch offices in Palo Alto and had a really nice time, connecting with a whole bunch of people, some I hadn't seen in a while. There was Gabe Rivera from Techmeme, and I got to meet his "chief reporter," Atul Arora (@Atul) who seems to have become Gabe's human powered algorithm for choosing hot posts. (Some pics courtesy of the ubiquitous Brian Solis here.)

. . . Congratulations to Robert Scoble's Building 43 launch. It's a new online community sponsored by Robert's employer Rackspace. I went to the launch (combined Techcrunch birthday party) with and it was good to see Rocky Barbanica, Robert's long-time sidekick and camera operator-producer-editor. It turns out that Rocky was the one that introduced Robert to the Rackspace people. I'm looking forward to spending time with them both on the upcoming Traveling Geeks trip to London in early July.

. . . Uber-marketeer Guy Kawasaki seems puzzled why his Alltop automatic post aggregator isn't more popular in this post: The new economics of entrepreneurship. He goes on to point out that this is a great time to be an entrepreneur because nearly everything is nearly free, including talent.

Sorry, I'm not a warm and fuzzy guy, but the truth is that there are lots of talented people who are unemployed or under-employed right now. If there was ever a time to get great people for free or cheap, this is it.

Also, marketing is nearly free too:

Sucking up to bloggers takes effort and swallowing your pride, but it's not expensive.

Is that really all it takes? It sounds very 2005... Plus, Mr Kawasaki employs a couple of people to Twitter for him under his name which doesn't sound cheap.

. . . From my Twit stream: http://twitter.com/tomforemski

- The irony of a cloud knocking out Amazon's EC2 cloud services ... http://su.pr/2E2K3Y (I'm always on the look out for such delicious ironies.)

- I wish there was a week in every day so I could get things done. Plus the weekends would be great

- Google lawyer says "There are diminishing returns from more search queries." http://bit.ly/qe4Vo

- This is how VCs innovate these days: "Innovations in fee management" http://bit.ly/Gi0zA

- Best Apple coverage and analysis from @stevegillmor: http://bit.ly/w5OJ

- Good points here by @markivey 7 habits of "just good enough" marketing http://bit.ly/d0oBF

- RT @mediaphyter: Are you still up? If so, will you donate $1 to help me raise money to research blood cancers? http://bit.ly/jltnt

- No exit strategies and no money. . . And here's more bad news for VCs: Sand Hill Slave is Back! http://bit.ly/H58W9

- Sunday is gradually becoming the new Monday...

- Check my math: Yahoo's China "police informant" role sparked a $47.5 billion slide in market value http://bit.ly/11McsI

- Heck. We haven't yet reached Internet 0.3 yet our media (@Scobleizer @karaSwisher) argue about Web 3.0 http://bit.ly/4yJsiB

- RT @chrisheuer: great video from our friend @cathybrooksabout why she is now 'active' in politics http://bit.ly/18AnEL

- Orwell feared truth would be concealed...Huxley feared truth would be drowned in a sea of irrelevance http://bit.ly/4lqUX6

- Orwell feared those who would ban books. Huxley feared was that there would be no reason to ban a book http://bit.ly/4lqUX6

- In Huxley's vision people will adore the technologies that undo their capacities to think. http://bit.ly/4lqUX6

- German seems ill suited to Twitter - words too long :)

. . . The disruptive Bronze Age. It's good to be reminded that we've been dealing with the effects of waves of disruptive technologies for thousands of years. For your Friday Watch viewing pleasure, here is Bronze Orientation Day from "That Mitchell and Webb Look."