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Friday Fishwrap: Nathan "Flutebox" Lee and Beardyman


[Wrapping up the week. . .]

You have to see this: (Hat tip: Lisa Vincenti)


. . . The most boring South Park ever: A promo for IBM's LotusSphere 2009 http://bit.ly/U97RQ

. . . For media companies it's not about "crossing the chasm" but climbing out of the chasm... http://bit.ly/dofZV

. . . JD Lasica's newest project: Social Brite - social tools for social change http://www.socialbrite.org/

. . . A journalist asks..."How do I get laid off? 4 rounds of layoffs. Those who remain are now doing it all ..." http://bit.ly/KFSWy

. . . I got a #FollowFriday recommendation on Twitter from someone that's not following me(!)

. . . I didn't realize that Guy Kawasaki on Twitter sometimes isn't Guy Kawasaki. Doesn't sound kosher to me... http://tinyurl.com/cglckt

. . . I went to a party but it was disappointing -- it looked much better on Facebook.

. . . With all the doom and gloom about the environment, economy, future pandemics, etc, we have made an enemy of our future.

. . . "Leveraging social media" sounds like selling Amway to friends and family...

. . . Green shopping sounds like an oxymoron. Surely, not shopping is the greenest shopping you can do.

. . . Techcrunch dumps Federated Media. A year ago I said that ad networks such as Federated need to buy up content companies before they ditch their ad networks. Federated raised $50m a year ago. What's it done with it?

. . . Friday Watch:

James Brown's dancing lessons (hat tip Smashing Telly)


Anger management by Steve Coogan


One more Steve Coogan