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Friday FishWrap: Look before you Twit; Three Very Bad Words; Recessionary logos; and more . . !


[Wrapping up the week . . .]

. . . Digg is interviewing four large PR agencies reports Aarti Shah in PR Week. It really wants to move away from its geeky origins and win mainstream credibility. It's a time for change at Digg. Digg to cut workforce 10%, hire new sales team | Webware - CNET

. . . To Twit or Tweet? Ketchum VP has to apologize to client FedEX for his Twitter confession "I'm in one of those towns where I scratch my head and say ‘I would die if I had to live here!'”

. . . Three words to avoid in event planning: Tough times are hitting the party circuit. Antenna Group hosts regular Cleantech parties. The last one I went to was in the very glitzy lobby of the Contemporary Jewish Museum. The next one is at Amante in North Beach on February 3 with a no-host bar. (Gasp!)

. . . There are at least 11 social media personality types says Adrian Chan over at Gravity7 : Status seeker, Critic, Socializer, Em-cee, Lurker, Buddy, Creator, Pundit, Rebel, Officiator, Harmonizer. Which one are you?

A Social Interaction Design (SxD) blog on Web 2.0 and Social Media: Social Media Personality Types: Slideshow

He describes each one in this presentation: Social Media Personality Types

. . . A cloudy materialism. Kevin Kelly discovers the freedom from not owning a bunch of stuff.

As creations become digital they tend to become shared, ownerless goods. We can turn this around and say that in this realm of bits, property itself becomes a more social endeavor.

Kevin Kelly -- The Technium

. . . Bobbie Johnson at UK's Guardian newspaper quotes SVW on the subject of President Obama's Chief Technology Officer:

"I think President Obama's CTO should be from Silicon Valley," said Tom Foremski, a technology industry pundit. "We have some very capable people here, but more importantly it would serve as a fantastic recognition that we have a national treasure here."

Tech-savvy Obama keeps online lifeline | World news | The Guardian

. . . Brand logos for the recession. I got a very funny email this week with familiar logos and how they might better reflect our recessionary times. Here are a few examples:

-1.jpg -2.jpg -3.jpg -4.jpg -5.jpg -6.jpg -7.jpg -8.jpg

-9.jpg -10.jpg

. . . It's Fridaylicious! Please join me at the House of Shields for an after work drink from 6pm onwards. But leave your business cards behind!