02:53 AM

French Telco Orange Brings Bloggers To Silicon Valley

Earlier this week I met with some International bloggers in San Francisco who are part of a group organized by French telco Orange, visiting Silicon Valley companies.

The "Silicon Valley blogger bus tour" has more than 50 meetings and events arranged with the goal of finding out "what makes Silicon Valley tick."

I caught up with them at a house party organized by Redg Snodgrass. The bloggers are an eclectic group drawn from France, Finland, UK, Australia and China.

Orange Blogger Bus Tour : meet the team ! - #blogbus | live Orange blog

Some first impressions, some were surprised that people here were genuinely passionate about their companies and didn't seem that passionate about the money or to get rich quick.

Some of the companies on their list are: Adobe, Swipp, Eventbrite, Foursquare, Broadcom, Causes, Mekanism, Citrix Startup Accelerator, Rocketspace and many others. It's a very full schedule and one that doesn't leave much time for blogging - which is the prime reason Orange invited the bloggers.

You can read about their adventures here: Blogger Bus Tour | live Orange blog.

I enjoyed talking with Edouard Austin (below), Glenn Le Santo, Stewart Baines, and also Julien Fourgeaud (top) who is CEO of a very cool electric car company in Finland making the "Scarlet."