02:35 AM

French Startups Are In Town . . .

The 3rd annual French Tech Tour of Silicon Valley starts this week. Fifteen startups selected from several hundred will be presenting 6 minute demos.

The French Trade Office organized the tour.

“While there may be cultural differences in the way we do business here and abroad, we are all trying to solve the same problems with technology and innovate for the future. The FTT bridges that cultural divide by opening doors to the best and brightest of both countries,” said Richard Gomes, Director of the IT Sector at the French Trade Office.

Here is a brief description of each French startup:

As An Angel - AsAnAngel’s mission is to make its dialog technology the standard communicating system worldwide, to be used by most conversational agents, avatars and robots within the 3 next years. www.asanangel.com

AB Phone - a playable search service, providing mobile users with a fun way to search and discover the web on their mobile phone. m.abphone.com

A-Volute - develops the next generation 3D audio standards. www.a-volute.com

BinarySec - BinarySEC SaaS: a revolutionary approach to solve Web applications and websites’ security through Security as a Service –SaaS. http://www.binarysec.com

Calinda Software - provides dynamic e-mail mapping solutions. http://www.calindasoftware.com

Codasystem - has created Shoot and Proof a mobile software that captures unmodifiable, localized and legally-valid digital pictures with a simple mobile phone. www.codasystem.com

Digitrad - provides users with a single digital ID that bridges all different means of communications. http://digitrad.com/welcome

Gigatribe - is the editor of a community driven application already used by 1 million people to share files privately over the Internet. www.gigatribe.com

Orcanthus - develops through parent company id3 and sells products and solutions in the area of authentication, identification and traceability. www.orcanthus.com

PayTap - empowering the next generation voice and web payment and remittance services delivery platform. www.paytap.net

Smart Quantum - a leading high tech start up company in high-speed network security. www.smartquantum.com

TazTag - developed the TazCard, an electronic wallet, credit card format (0,23″ thick), multi-application and high secure. http://www.taztag.com

Vision SAS - Top Media is the ultimate convergence between smartphone and personal computer. www.visionsas.com

Vity Technology – an automation system manufacturer focusing on touch panels, controllers and application software used for commercial and residential market. www.vity.com