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Four Years Later GMail still in Beta . . .

Isn't it time Google dropped the "beta" on GMail and took full responsibility for the email service?

Why is it still hiding behind the "beta" label?

Does this mean the service will continue to be buggy and poor--some of the time? And that "beta" means we can't complain?

We complain when Apple's .Mac online service is buggy. But is that because it is a paid service and it is not in "beta?"

GOOG chose to finance GMail via advertisements, Apple chose subscriptions. Choice of business model shouldn't mean GOOG can shirk its responsibility to offer a solid service.

Over on ZDNet I said:"Drop the beta and take full responsibility Google. That is if you want people to take you seriously, and if you seriously want to be more than just “a search company."

It's seems to have struck a chord and has lots of comments.

It’s time GOOG dropped the beta on GMail . . . seriously | Tom Foremski: IMHO | ZDNet.com