23:06 PM

Flickr offers (a little) video

YHOO's Flickr announced today that the original Photo 2.0 site now features video. But it's only for Pro users and only 90-sec. clips. The idea seems to be that it's not competing with YouTube but offering video as "long photos."

This works for Arrington, who was originally skeptical but after a demo now thinks the vids are "a perfect compliment to event photos."

FlickVid beta tester Paul Stamatiou says the 90-sec limit was a compromise between Flickr's original 60-sec concept and testers' requests for three minutes. Long enough to do something – in the sense that you can do something with Twitter – but not appealing to the illegal TV sharing crowd. Paul's only gripe: no support for HD video

But 90 seconds is really short Dan Farber point out at News.com. He shot a brief (156-second) video of his interview with Flickr PM Kakul Srivastava and then had to go through the pain of editing it down to 90 seconds. How much easier to upload to YT instead! "I expect that the Flickr team and community will think seriously about raising the limit on playing time," Dan concludes.