02:28 AM

Fixed my RSS feeds...and My Yahoo feed too

. . . the forgotten communications channel--the telephone!

By Tom Foremski for SiliconValleyWatcher

Dusty-Phone_sm.jpgMy apologies, but the result of my geeking around with my blog software over the summer was that I accidentally messed up my RSS feeds and didn't realize it for several weeks.

For those that read SVW through their My Yahoo page, it might have seemed as if I had taken a rather generous amount of vacation time.

Not true: I've been filing lots of stories and scoops and exclusive stories as usual, but you had to come to the site to see them! You may have to click on the "add to My Yahoo" button again; but it should be working now.

Standalone journalism sucks

Also, I've suspended the email newsletter, and also the IonRSS.com web site, for a temporary hiatus so that I can rejig them and relaunch in a few weeks time. Sorry about that; but standalone journalism sucks.

Whenever I get a bit of money through my generous and very patient sponsors, I spend it on other journalists and geeks; but when money is too tight to mention those other times, I have to do a lot of things myself.

(Mike Faden always finds an hour or two to look over my shoulder and clean things up; and Chris Dichtel always rustles up a fun and interesting illustration--so I'm never totally "standalone.") But it usually means I have less time to engage in conversations on this site or via email.

Too_Much_Mail.jpgMy email inbox is totally out of control, with more than 8K messages to wade through (that's *after* the spam filter--I might need to just set fire to it and start again!)

The forgotten communications channel

So, if there is something you'd like to tell me that is time sensitive, call me on my cell: four one five three three six seven five four seven. It seems that these days hardly anyone uses the phone for business. . . it has almost become a forgotten communications channel :-)

Also, I'm not ignoring your emails on purpose, honest! I'm usually out most of the day, out and about collecting news stories and scoops and exclusive stories so I'm not sitting at my desk much.

And when I am sitting at my desk, I am writing stories and I have to finish those stories before venturing anywhere near my inbox for fear of losing three or more hours at a time.

Plus my recent apartment move and family commitments, and the usual demands of our accelerating red-shift modern lifestyle means that my email inbox has become obese and should probably be put out of its misery. Does anyone have a match?