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FishWrap: Walt Mossberg's Pocket . . . It Takes Hundreds of Twos to Tango . . .


[Wrapping up the week in three dots . . .]

Mark Adams COO Conversation Group . . .

MarkAdams1.jpgMark Adams, the co-founder of Text 100 and Next15 Communications is taking over as COO at the Conversation Group. He'll be spending about a week every 6 weeks here in San Francisco.

Last time I saw Mark he was over at Chris and Kristie Heuer's place figuring out how he could walk to SF airport the next day to catch his flight.

No amount of cajoling could dissuade an Englishman with a mission. Mark took a taxi the next day to Golden Gate bridge and walked all the way to SFO. How he got across a couple of highways I've no idea.

[Photo shows Mark planning his route!]

Tracking the ripples . . .

I always enjoy throwing a pebble into the mediasphere and tracking its ripples. More recently, I've been promoting the idea of "support the source." If you write about something I've written and would like to copy my content then you can voluntarily support the source with what I'm calling an "adtribution link." You would choose one of my text ad links at the end of every post and run it next to the content such as:

You don't have to run the adtribution link but it would be great if you did.

It's interesting some of the pushback I've received on this simple idea. Some have complained about having to copy and paste the link--it's extra work. Well, it's not extra work for them to copy and paste my content in the first place. And I can tell you, it's a lot of extra work to produce the content!

It's interesting tracking "adtribution" on Google. The first day I used the term there were about 8 search results, then the second day there were 230, two days ago 1200, and today Google shows 1960.

Walt Mossberg and drugs . . .

I was at the SDForum Visionary Awards 2008 earlier this week but I had problems with my camera and wasn't able to shoot any footage. So to make up for it, here is Kara Swisher introducing her colleague Walt Mossberg at the 2007 awards. It was a hilarious introduction.

Find out what that was in Walt's pocket, was it an iPhone or was he just pleased to see everyone...


Rooster club: where chicks have cojones . . .

deYoung1.jpgRooster Club last Friday at the de Young was fun with exactly the people I hoped would be there. My daughter Sarah and her 14 year old friends came with me to see The Minks (girls in boots, songs by the Kinks) Friday evening who were the featured act. Sarah (the tall one) and her friends were in town to catch an all day music festival on Saturday.

Hanging out with Sarah and her friends felt like I was a documentary maker for a new punk girl band :-)

WeekendWatcher coming up:

RollerSoccer world championships . . .

If you've been enjoying the Euro 2008 soccer games you will certainly like this event: Friday I got a chance to meet again with June Philips and her husband Zack who are organizing a new type of soccer world cup, using roller skates and it is happening here on Treasure Island in August 14 to 17. Zack has his hair cut in the shape of a soccer ball. He and June are both tireless promoters.

The Bay Area has a fantastic tradition of creating cutting edge cultural entities that have a global reach - this is a chance to see this in action.

The Official Rollersoccer International Federation Website

It takes several hundred twos to tango . . .

This looks fabulous this evening 6.30 p.m. at the de Young in Golden Gate Park and it is free:

¡Milonga en el museo!, a re-creation of the great Argentine tango dance halls that exist to this day in Buenos Aires. A few hundred couples will dance in this milonga, bringing the passion, intensity, and sensuality of Argentine tango to the de Young. Tango captivates the world, and the milonga en el museo will show you why.

de Young Calendar

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