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Fishwrap: Infinite TV, Nile Guide, JC Quiles and a Gift for Guys...


[Wrapping up the week in three dots . . .]

NDS.jpg. . . Thursday I got a preview of an advanced TV viewing system called Infinite TV from UK company NDS. It's a News Corp company that provides the technology for set-top boxes and other digital devices to a large number of cable TV operators around the world. Nigel Smith, chief marketing officer and Nick Thexton, senior VP of R&D demonstrated the Infinite TV system. It's a type of iTunes setup and It integrates cable TV content with content from the Internet, along with a DVR. Content can be delivered to a TV or any other electronic device in a household. Parts of the technology have been licensed to a few enterprising cable TV operators but it is not clear when it will be rolled out.

The trend I see is that people are switching off their TVs, or rather ditching their cable boxes. That's the trend in my apartment and among my kids and their friends, and that's what I see around Silicon Valley. There is a tremendous amount of content available over the Internet and that will continue to grow. However, new negotiations between the studios and broadcasters could result in shows becoming more expensive to broadcast over the Internet. Over the next few years so we might see a reversal of the current trend and towards an Infinite TV type system.

. . . Thursday I had an interesting dinner conversation with Nile Guide founder and CEO Josh Steinitz. Nile Guide is a type of concierge for busy travelers: "Plan Faster, Travel Smarter." "We help people plan their trips. Getting a flight and hotel room is just one small part of a trip, people want to know what to do and where to go." Nile Guide pulls together content from a wide number of trusted sources including user generated content.

. . . I really enjoyed meeting and being interviewed by JC Quiles, the young Public Affairs Host at Clear Channel Radio SF. JC is going places, keep an eye out for him! My interview will be broadcast this Sunday:

-FM Stations: Star 101.3, Wild 94.9, KKSF 103.7 @ 6am-6:30am

-AM Stations: Green 960 @ 10:30pm

. . . A special gift for all the guys in your life: http://tinyurl.com/yvcnz4