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Fishwrap: Fortune: We like to get it right the first time . . . [correction]


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We get it right the first time ... [correction]

At the Fortune Brainstorm conference Fortune writer Adam Lashinsky got a big laugh as moderator of "The Blogger Showdown" when the subject of bloggers making mistakes came up: "We like to get it right the first time!" he said.

Fortune's Techland ran a story about the blogger panel. Unfortunately, it had to update the story later to make a correction! This type of thing proves there is a god! Ironic design proves the hand of a supreme being more than any arguments around intelligent design.

Scoble said that the difference between bloggers and traditional media like Fortune magazine is that the audience participation helps keep his blog honest. “This is written by the audience. People participate in fact-checking,” he said.

Lashinsky, however, got the last laugh. “In the old school, we like to get it right the first time.”

Correction: An earlier version of this story said that TechCrunch’s Michael Arrington had been criticized for not disclosing investments from companies he covered. In fact, Arrington had been criticized for writing about companies he invested in. He disclosed those investments on TechCrunch.

FORTUNE: Techland Blogger showdown at Brainstorm Tech «

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