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Fishwrap: DEMO and Voce parties plus new services from SVW: Video and consulting


[Wrapping up the week in three dots . . .]

Demo alumni party . . .

I went to the Demo Alumni party earlier this week. It was a lot of fun and everyone was there.

Brian Solis from FutureWorks PR was there recording everyone for posterity, you can see his photos here: Flickr: Archive of b_d_solis' photostream: Taken on 17th June 2008

This is one of me taken by Brian Solis. I usually put my hand out to shield my face when confronted by cameras. I do it for two reasons:

1) I'm trying to create a mystique, after all, how many photos of Thomas Pynchon have you seen?

2) I'm trying to stop the camera stealing my soul (at least not before I've sold it first).


Voce party . . .

Voce is one of my favorite SIlicon Valley PR firms and they were celebrating their 9th anniversary. It was fun but it was boiling hot in Palo Alto.

It was great catching up with my favorite media architects Mike Manuel (Media Guerrilla) and Josh Hallet (Hyku). These guys work at the cutting edge of new/social media and it's always great to hear about what they've been up to.

BTW, Josh is a great photographer and he took a lot of shots of Tim Russert at a conference last October. A number of news outlets used his photos from Flickr but did not give him the credit. I think the license should be modified that the photos are free to use with credit but cost $10,000 each if no credit is given.

It was also good to see Matthew Podboy and meet his lovely wife. Matthew is fond of retelling the story of when I got Peter North's autograph for him outside the W a couple or so years ago ;-).

Here is Techmeme's Gabe Rivera followed by John Furrier at the party, along with some of the talented Voce crew.


Lunch at Bite . . .

I enjoyed going over to Bite Communications earlier this week to talk to the team about some of the many changes in media and PR. It's also great to hear about what is happening with their clients. Here is Bite's blog Bite Marks.

SVW video services announcement . . .

Last year I was working with John Furrier and Steve Gillmor over at Podtech. We put together a great crew of video editors and videographers and although that project finished last year I'm still working with my video production team and also adding new specialists as part of the SF Media Collective. If you need any video work done of any type call Aron Pruiett at the SF Media Collective for a competitive bid: 415 533 4487.

Creating great video quickly and professionally is challenging but we do it all the time. But these days creating a great video is just part of the job, you need to get it distributed through the right channels. And you need to get attention for that video. We offer distribution and attention services that can get your video above the white noise.

Here is a demo reel:

Consulting services . . .

I've started doing some consulting which ranges from a one hour chat to longer engagements on a variety of subjects. Email me tom@siliconvalleywatcher.com

The Rooster crows this evening . . .
Join me early evening tonight (Friday) from 6pm to 8.30pm at the de Young in Golden Gate park for the Rooster Club, an informal gathering, out by the back garden next to the cafeteria. Entrance is free and there is music and bar. Tonight the Minks are playing "girls in boots, songs by the Kinks."

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