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Fishwrap: Changing Media and PR . . . Plus a Great Pep Talk


[Wrapping up the week in three dots . . .]

I've done a lot of talking this week about changes in media and PR. From a big meeting with the largest Redmond based corporation, to Shift Communications in SF, to a delegation of corporate communications directors from large Japanese companies such as Toyota, at Ogilvy PR offices in San Francisco. Luca Penati MD of Ogilvy's Global Technology Practice led the conversation. Here's a clip:

From my Japanese contacts . . .

Tom Sonoda, Ph.D writes to tell me of his social networking site that recently launched a public beta. Please take a look it's pretty cool: http://live.utagoe.com/

Utagoe Live100 public beta demo video from utagoe on Vimeo.

Google co-founder Sergey Brin starts to blog . . .

. . . about his family DNA.


Stop doing what you hate . . .

Need a pep talk? Watch Gary Vaynerchuk from the recent Web2Expo. (Hat tip Jeff Slobotski @jjsync and http://www.siliconprairienews.com/ )


Also: Please see http://www.siliconprairienews.com/2008/09/spn-interviews-gary-vaynerchuk/

Kristen Nicole moves to VentureBeat . . .

Bob Walsh points out that Kristen Nicole has moved from Mashable over to VentureBeat. Congrats! More to write about and there's a great team of media professionals at VentureBeat.

Twisted Sisters . . .
This is a fun trailer for a webisode series "Twisted Sisters" from my buddies Lee Cummings and Aron Pruiett at SF Media Collective.