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Fishwrap: Can Silicon Valley Save the World Economy? Don't hold your breath . . .


[Wrapping up the week in three dots . . .]

. . . The Conversation Group celebrates its one year anniversary. Congrats!

. . . Reuters star reporter Eric Auchard is leaving San Francisco and will work from London. After many months of delays Eric finally got his papers through and leaves very soon. I'll see you in London Eric!

. . . Max Levchin, ex-PayPal, now Slide and Yelp, is no longer one of Silicon Valley's most eligible bachelors. He recently got married to Nellie Minkova at the St. Regis, just around the corner from his loft apartment and Slide's offices.

. . . OneSeason launches. Rael Enteen writes:

I thought that you might be interested in checking out the new site that we just launched at www.oneseason.com. It is similar in concept to a sports stock market and provides users with the ability to acquire and trade virtual shares in sports players teams and league’s using real money.

. . . Sramana Mitra writes in Forbes An SOS To Silicon Valley calling on our VCs to rejuvenate "an economy in dire straits." And she also wants VCs to figure out the healthcare problem, and also education.

In 2007, the U.S. spent about $2.26 trillion on health care, or $7,439 per person. It spends $1,000 per year per person in administrative costs, which puts the cost of the system at over $250 billion. This jaw-dropping number stares at me like a bottomless sewage pit of wasted resources, yet it's also an indicator of where technology can make huge improvements.

Education faces similar problems. Administrative costs eat up budgets, leaving little left over for teachers.

. . .Leaders of Silicon Valley, your answer to all these questions should be "yes." Don't let the current miasma of fear slow you down.

You have to lead. You have to create. You have to build. You have to invest.

You, Silicon Valley, need to pull the U.S. and world economies out of the mess that Wall Street and Washington have created.

I know you can do it.

Good luck with that Sramana, you are looking for help in the wrong place, imho. Our VCs won't do anything unless there are substantial profits to be had.

. . . VentureBeat continues to look for a VP of Business Development--must have strong online marketing skills and media experience.

. . . GigaOm raised $4.5 million for expansion. Mike Arrington warns: GigaOm Ignores My Advice, Raises Another $4.5 Million

Maybe GigaOm is going to be doing a roll-up strategy, beating Mr Arrington to the punch?

. . . I'm fed up with (lil) green patch requests on Facebook! It's an ad network masquerading as a save the world service.

Weekend Watcher:

Friday evening I'll be at Workspace Limited on 2150 Folsom Street for a free open studios preview party.

7:30 Allison Lovejoy, piano and cabaret

8:30 Go Van Goth, danceable country middle eastern http://www.govangogh.net/

9:30 Cabaret Electronica - Allison Lovejoy and Groove Yantra

10:00 More Go Van Goth

11:00 Groove Yantra, electronica dance set

Fleet Week this weekend in San Francisco. Feel what it's like to be in a battle zone as fighter planes scream over head!

Get your early bird tickets for this event before Saturday: Silicon Valley Rocks! http://svrocks.eventbrite.com/

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Silicon Valley Rocks! will bring together the Valley’s tech community - from VCs and entrepreneurs to bloggers and software developers - to raise money for Music in Schools Today (MuST), a Bay Area non-profit that seeks to rescue music programs from budget cuts.

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