08:59 AM

Factual Raises $1m From A-List Investors, Andreessen et al....

Factual is an interesting company, it is trying to establish an "open data platform' where people can create and share huge amounts of data in the form of tables. One such project is the 4 million record website data table that shows which sites use Creative Commons licenses.

Gil Elbaz is the founder, his company Applied Semantics was acquired by Google in 2003. The basic idea is that if more data were available in a structured format, people could make better decisions.

Gil Elbaz reported today that he has raised $1 million in seed financing from a Silicon Valley A-list:

Andreessen Horowitz - Founders, Marc Andreessen, Ben Horowitz

Bill Gross - Founder/Chairman, Idealab

Danny Rimer - Index Ventures

Esther Dyson - Founder, EDventure Holdings

Founder Collective

Gunderson Dettmer

Lee and June Stein

Mårten Mickos, former CEO of MySQL

Miramar Venture Partners

Richard Rosenblatt - CEO, Demand Media

Scott Kurnit - Founder, About.com

Thomas Lehrman - Founder, Gerson Lehrman Group

Tom Unterman - Founder, Rustic Canyon Ventures