06:43 AM

Facebook Pitch Experiment - Week 2 - Ditch The Zombies And Make A Facebook Email Manager App

Last week I asked people to pitch me through Facebook because my Gmail mailbox gets flooded with (non-spam) email and sometimes the pitches get lost in the white noise of my 38,373 (and counting) unread emails.

Gmail becomes Guilt-mail because I don't mean to ignore people's emails or appear to be rude. I read and reply to a lot of emails but I can't keep up with them all.

On Facebook my email count is only about a dozen per day and I can easily keep up with that volume. I tend to respond more quickly on Facebook--at least that is true for now.

Also, Facebook lets me see the face of the sender and I remember faces first and names much later. Plus I can see if we have people in common, etc, which Gmail doesn't provide.

However, Gmail does provide a lot of management tools while Facebook is very basic. I would love a Facebook app that can provide me with a decent set of email management tools. That would be a killer Facebook app, imho. Fewer Zombies and more email management please!


PS: You can still pitch me through Facebook but Gmail is OK too...