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Every Company Is A Media Company - My European Tour

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Above, I spoke at Burson-Marsteller's spectacular London offices.

I've been a lot of talking since arriving in London last week and Amsterdam this week on the subject of "every company is a media company" and what happens next.

I'll have a fuller report later this week but so far the reception has been excellent and there's quite a good understanding of the concept but a wide difference in how corporations and PR agencies are taking this message and moving forward -- or not.

The Netherlands seems a little bit ahead of the UK, which is interesting since the UK is a very media savvy society. But what's common to both countries is a realization that PR agencies and corporations need to take action and take action sooner than later.

A common phenomenon in the media industry is that if a publication becomes the thought leader for its target segment, it's very difficult to dislodge it, even if it's not that good. If it's where people have to read it becomes the leader and usually it's a winner takes all position. The same is true for corporate media. For example, look at the success of Zappos. I don't know of any other online shoe retailer even though there are (probably) many others.

That's the same opportunity for every company -- to establish their thought leadership in prime position, through their own media channels. It's then very difficult for others, coming along later, to dislodge them. This is where smaller, more nimble companies can get a jump on larger competitors in terms of amping up their corporate media efforts.

PressPage, a Dutch startup that builds future-proof digital newsrooms has been my partner in this tour and the team, led by Bart Verhulst, CEO has done an excellent job in managing the logistics of this European tour and has brought together lots of interesting people from different backgrounds for our group discussions on the future role of corporate media and what might become be the funding model for serious journalism.

I will be speaking at Ragan's prestigious 2013 International Social Media & PR Summit in Amsterdam later this week.

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