04:11 AM

Ever shorter blog posts are the current fashion, here is the shortest post

By Tom Foremski, Silicon Valley Watcher

Everytime I see His Omness--the omnipotent voice on broadband--he tells me I write too long.

I do write too long sometimes but, I try and keep the reader engaged, pull them through to the next paragraph. And I use sub-heads to let people look ahead...and other things like original illustrations by Chris Dichtel.

A few weeks ago Om told me I should write just one post per day and it should be less than 250 words. I said that would kill me, I have a ton of stuff to write about, news, interviews, columns, and so on. I have so much to give to the world :-)

But I am learning to write shorter posts. And it is certainly the fashion now to write shorter and shorter posts.

Here is the shortest post.