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Event: 'Rethinking Technology As If People Matter '- Sunday In SF

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Please join me for this fine event, this Sunday, April 26, 1:30 pm to 4:00 pm in the Presidio. It's organized by Tom Mahon, a Silicon Valley veteran and sponsored by Ahimsa, the Berkeley Buddhist Monastery, plus other interfaith organizations.

"Rethinking technology as if people matter," is a topic that is missing in our current discussion of tech yet it used to be a subject area that was very much in the fore for many people in Silicon Valley, for many decades. I don't think interest in this topic has gone away — it's just hidden by the current media fascination with startup valuations and billionaire millennials.  

These times are primed for a comeback of this topic.  And because of the intense interest in Silicon Valley from all parts of the world, there's an opportunity to influence the future from a large stage.

How can our work in the tech industry help billions of people in ways that make a difference? Beyond sharing photos?

I think it is done by starting at home, here in our towns and neighborhoods.  Leadership by example is the most effective method of influence. It will be seen in the examples and use cases developed in the places where we live and work.

It will done by transforming the San Francisco/Silicon Valley region into a showcase of the future. Technology as a service to the community.

Our cities will be thriving, our public schools will be amazing, and our children will be exponentially smarter and cuter than they used to be. And we'll show the world how they can use our low-cost, highly scalable technologies to achieve the same results!

I'll be speaking for a short while and will be joined by additional presenters from a range of backgrounds for a panel discussion:

- Nina Horne, Public Policy, City of Oakland
- Tapan Parikh, Professor, UC Berkeley School of Information
- Richard Whitaker, Editor, Conversations.org

Panel Facilitator: Tom Mahon

Please join  this free event: 1:30pm Sunday, April 26, Main Post Chapel 130 Fisher Loop, Presidio, San Francisco CA 94129 - Map.

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We’ve become the tools of our tools; and the fault — and the solution — lies not in our tools, but in ourselves.