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Event: Preparing For Workforce Of The Future

Tuesday July 16 The Commonwealth Club presents: How to Attract Tomorrow's Talent and Prepare for the Future Workforce 

Representatives from Twitter, Google, and Cisco Systems will be moderated by Bloomberg reporter Doug MacMillan. Here's the description: 

By 2025, the tech-savvy Generation Y will make up an estimated 75 percent of the world's employees. Are social tools and corporate values the new baseline for recruiting and keeping top talent? Will most workplaces be virtual 50 years from now? The recent debate over telecommuting and free workplace perks has created an opportunity for companies to stand out by offering more access to collaboration technologies, innovative leadership and culture policies.

The description assumes that future workplaces will have to strive to make sure they have enough doughnuts in the kitchen, and other incentives (cultural policies?) in order to attract Gen Y staff, who are famous for acting entitled, driven by social issues, and are social media savvy.

Why will future workplaces cater to the myth of Gen Y? Surely, they'll accept crappy jobs just like everyone else does, because they are the only jobs around. What "culture policies" are we talking about?

Twitter has held San Francisco hostage with the threat of pulling out hundreds of jobs if it didn't get large tax breaks. And Google is playing fast and loose in Washington, using its cash mountain to support politicians such as climate change denier James Inhofe. 

Gen Y workers will swallow their pride and take the paycheck. And future workplace won't be much different from today's workplace except there'll be a lot fewer.

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