20:30 PM

Enterprise Ireland: Dublin's Rapidly Growing Web Summit - Europe's Largest Tech Conference

Above, brief interview with Kevin Sherry and Nick Marmion of Enterprise Ireland at Disrupt in San Francisco, with Gene Murphy from the Irish start-up RedeamAndGet - shot by by Paul Mooney.

I'm in Dublin all week as a guest of Enterprise Ireland and attending Dublin's Web Summit, which bills itself as Europe's largest tech conference, although Loic Le Meur's Le Web impressive conference in Paris, would argue with that description.

Dublin's Web Summit has an impressive lineup of more than 200 speakers, 3,000 attendees, and hundreds of startups from all around Europe.

I've met many Irish and European startups over the years and it'll be interesting to see how they are doing. A key problem they face is that their domestic markets are too small to fuel rapid growth, and the fractured European market holds further challenges. That's why, if they can afford it, they head to the US, sending their marketing and senior leadership.

Look for a series of reports this week from Dublin.