04:22 PM

Early to bed or early to rise says a lot about your focus on the future

If you rise late in the morning you look to the future, if you rise early in the morning you look to the past.

This is not a saying from Confucius, but it does refer to the region of Confucius. It is my way of saying: are you looking east or west?

Is your day 5 to 11 or is it 11 to 5?

By which I mean do you rise at 5am and sleep at 11pm? Or do you rise at 11am and sleep at 5am?

Are you on East Coast time or are you on Asian time?

This point came up in a fascinating conversation with the remarkable Selina Lo, President and CEO of Ruckus Wireless, a leading IPTV startup. More on that conversation later...

I keep Asian times, although for different reasons than Ms. Lo. [I like to joke that crypt space is cheaper than crib space :-)]

BTW take a look at the Ruckus Wireless logo. . . that is certainly a good omen for 2006, the Chinese New Year of the Dog.