11:16 AM

Does The Sexuality Of A CEO Matter?

The sexuality of CEOs is a dull subject I have no interest in what they do with their genitalia and I think I'm right in speaking for the majority of people in our Silicon Valley circles.

I raise this point because Felix Salmon, a journalist blogger at Reuters raised it. He took reporters to task for not reporting on the new Apple CEO Tim Cook's sexuality. He said it should be reported because the gay and lesbian community need to know that successful people can be homosexual.

It's ridiculous logic because the gay and lesbian community already know he is gay, he was on the front cover of Out magazine recently and his sexuality has been know for many years. He's already a role model to many others.

What's the point in naming his sexuality in the context of his Apple job?

In his post: "Don’t ignore Tim Cook’s sexuality" he criticizes business journalists for not mentioning the Apple CEO's sexual preference. What does that have to do with the story?! Nothing.

It's crass linkbait, which is why I'm not linking to Felix Salmon.

The sexuality of CEOs is of no interest to me. Who they are sleeping is a different matter...