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Does Anyone Have A Fork? Twitter Looks Done To Me . . .


I was driving through San Francisco on my way to SF New Tech and had to stop and take this shot. This can't be a good sign for Twitter.

(Evan, Biz. Sell now! (Or take some money off the table . . . Give Mark Z a call, there's always an opportunity to do some laundry. . .))

Here is more proof that Twitter days are numbered.

From: All Things D:

Twitter Guys: We’ll Still Be Running This Company in 5 Years

Meet the Internet’s It Boys: Twitter co-founders Evan Williams and Biz Stone. A year ago their “micromessaging” platform was unknown outside of a small circle of digerati. Now the service has broken through to the mainstream, or at least to the mainstream media (thanks, Oprah!). But while Twitter has no problem generating attention, it’s still unclear how the company will actually generate revenue.

(BTW, don't you just love news stories that tell you something new?)

And of course:

Twitter in TV deal

WASHINGTON (AFP) — Micro-blogging sensation Twitter is heading for another screen -- the TV screen.

Twitter co-founder Biz Stone said in a post on the blog of the hot San Francisco-based startup that Twitter had entered into a "lightweight, non-exclusive, agreement" with TV producers Reveille and Brillstein.

Stone did not reveal any details about the project except to say it would not be for an "official Twitter TV show."

(More here.)

I would be programming my Tivo ((if I hadn't gotten rid of it and cable TV...) but I'm certain it'll be on Hulu or Rev3.)

Even more proof:

Kutcher threatens to stop Twittering

LOS ANGELES, California (CNN) -- Ashton Kutcher -- Twitter's top tweeter -- warned he may pull the plug on his tweeting if the micro-blogging service partners on a reality TV show.

More here.

Yes, I did Twit this post but I figure Twitter has about 25 days left... give or take a month or two.

What will take Twitter's place?

I'll tell you about it later this week: the next hot club house that the cool kids will be hanging out at.