17:02 PM

Dissidents within YHOO and GOOG will make ethical companies

BusinessWeek recently published a news story on Reporters without Borders and its protest against Internet censorship in many countries:

BusinessWeek: Nations that Censor the Net

Some 17,000 attendees of the protest voted for the nation they believed is most in need of greater Internet freedom, and China came in second, with 4,100 votes. Myanmar, under the militaristic regime of the Junta party, was believed by 4,500 participants to present its citizens with the greatest threat to freedom of press on the Internet. The remaining nations, in descending order of votes received, were Belarus, Iran, Tunisia, Cuba, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Turkmenistan, Vietnam, North Korea, Syria, and Uzbekistan. . .

. . . China is described by Reporters Without Borders as a pioneer of Internet censorship, dedicating more resources than any other country to restrict online freedoms.

There should have been a companion piece on US and other companies that enable censorship and oppression of dissidents. Such as Yahoo for example.

What will happen is that Yahoo' s and Google's own dissidents will help to lead those  companies onto an ethical and moral pathway.

 Recently, Terry Semel, Yahoo's CEO was booed at an internal gathering. Semel reacted by telling the Boo-ers to go work somewhere else!

Semel is the one that will be working somewhere else. Wall Street should look for a change of leadership if leadership is not exercised by the executive suite of Yahoo. And the times will demand a leadership that is in tune with our times, and invokes an ethical and moral YHOO  leadership (GOOG too).

Here is ValleyWag on Mr Semel and Nazi Germany and tell me if I'm wrong:

One attendee asked Mr. Semel if Yahoo would have cooperated with Nazi Germany the same way it has with China. His response: "Yahoo has a basic obligation not to have a point of view on basic content, and to present content ... and aggregate things and to allow people to make their own choices. I don't know how I would have felt then."