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diggrz: electric biorhytms, tribal tourism, and hands-free-photoblogging

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 By Lucaso for Silicon Valley Watcher


Biorhythms are hot.

Ever since I witnessed Pimp My Heart at Zero One, I've been fascinated by technology that reacts to the body.

Phillips Designs is exploring how technology can be woven into our clothes to react to our personalities and emotions.

And artist Suzi Weber is creating electricskin.

Tribal Tourism

If you've ever wished you could chuck your laptop in the bay and move to a tech-free, REAL tribal community on a tropical Fijian island of Vorovor, then this is your chance to join a tribe. And, yes, there are still quite a few openings on Vorovoro.

Hands-free PhotoBlogging

Tired of pushing the shutter button on the camera?

Waymarkr documents your life continuously and effortlessly by taking random photos from your phone and sending them to a remote server so your phone never runs out of space.

Of course, it helps if you wear the phone around your neck. But then again (if you have a flash), it might be more interesting to see what's in your pocket!

[diggrz refers to a nomadic lifestyle made possible by mobile digital technologies and gadgets - a "nomadig" culture. The diggrz name also salutes some of the ideas of the Diggers, a democratic group that arose in 1649, out of the English revolution .

The Diggers were a radical group that cultivated and protected common lands, and sought to create egalitarian, self-sustaining communities. The Diggers would have found kindred spirits in today's software engineer culture and its focus on commonly owned technologies created through egalitarian open source community projects. - Tom Foremski]