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diggrz: DJs spin not speak; Musical dating; Bake a cake for Amanda she's coming this way . . .

[diggrz: a tag for arts and culture trends and events - in and around Silicon Valley  - a new feature from Silicon Valley Watcher]

By Lucaso for Silicon Valley Watcher

Lately, I've been deleting music podcasts because I'm tired of hearing a DJ's voice, even for the track listing.

If I wanted to know the track info, I'd look it up on the chapter list in iTunes or read the playlist. Save the chatter for the new Skype wi-fi cellie and let the music of the podcast speak for itself, dig?

If a picture is worth a thousand words than a song is worth at least 999. So, with that in mind . . . here are two of my new favorite podcasts: BetterPropoganda and Memekast.

BetterPropoganda is an established digital music portal and  Memekast features guest DJs doing live mixes. Both are electronic/breakbeat/dance focused, and even if you're only dancing in your chair, they're still hot.These two podcasts have taken over my iPod by giving me 30-40 minute sessions that are mixed live and uninterrupted... perfect for repeat play.

Music to meet people by . . .  Similar to Last.fm, Mog lets you discover "people through music and music through people."

Not enough video sharing sites . . .    Dabble lets you search, collect and organize your favorite web videos. What's different about Dabble and other video sharing sites? Hmmm ... the UI?

Dave.tv, another video sharing beta. The difference with Dave.tv is that you can create an entire broadcasting channel to put it anywhere on the web.

Amanda is heading this way. . . Yes, old Rocketboom anchor and videoblog actress Amanda Congdon is headed west. You can check out her trip across the states at Amanda Across America.

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[diggrz refers to the nomadic lifestyle offered by mobile digital technologies and gadgets - creating a "nomadig" culture. The diggrz name is also a tip-of-the-hat to some of the ideas of the Diggers, a democratic group that arose in 1649, out of the English revolution .

The Diggers were a radical group that cultivated and protected common lands, and sought to create egalitarian, self-sustaining communities. The Diggers would have found  kindred spirits in today's software engineer culture,  and the focus on creating  commonly owned technologies through egalitarian open source community projects. - Tom Foremski]

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