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Deputy Prime Minister Of Ireland Comes To Silicon Valley To Announce Deal Between Cubic Telecom and Qik

Mary Coughlan, the Tanaiste, or Deputy Prime Minister of Ireland, is in Redwood City this evening announcing a deal between Ireland's innovative telecommunications company Cubic Telecom, and Qik, the popular cell phone based video blogging service.

Cubic Telecom is founded by Pat Phelan, one of Ireland's top entrepreneurs. Cubic Telecom provides the MAXRoam service, consisting of Travel SIMs that can be used with any cell phone and provide users with local call rates no matter what their location.

The deal with Qik will enable MAXroam enabled cell phones with cameras to stream live video from more than 160 countries without the high charges from roaming fees. Their slogan is "Go mobile, not broke."

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Here is a quick 3 minute interview with Pat Phelan when he was in town last September.


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