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Demonstration Planned Outside Twitter HQ Tuesday Morning

Twitter is used to seeing people use Twitter to demonstrate against despots in other countries, Tuesday morning it will see a protest outside its headquarters: 795 Folsom Street, San Francisco. 10am.

The South of Market Community Action Network (SOMCAN) has called for the protest because Twitter has threatened to leave San Francisco unless it gets long-term cuts in payroll taxes and other costly concessions. SOMCAN says this will hit poor residents the hardest.

Angelica Cabande, organizational director of SOMCAN wants people to protest in person and Tweet this message to Twitter:

"SHAME on YOU! for being socially irresponsible."

(She doesn't give a name to send it to, I would suggest Twitter's PR guy, Sean Garrett (@SG) or all of the co-founders: @Ev, @Biz, and @Jack.

She writes:

- Twitter claims it is "socially responsible" and it will engage meaningfully in the neighborhood, but they never talked to the community nor offered a Community Benefits Agreement (CBA).

- They are a giant tech company that is taking advantage of a City that is desperate for a creative economy and revitalization. They want corporate tax break, but yet they demand they have THEIR OWN Muni bus lines and police foot patrol designated specially for them. Those things cost money! Who will pay those cops and bus drivers?

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