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Delphix Makes Its 1st Acquisition: Axis Technology Software

It's been an exciting week, here at Delphix. The company made its first acquisition, Axis Technology Software, a Boston-based startup that has become the leader in data masking technologies.

[The news release is here: Axis Technology and Delphix Partner to Address Data Masking Dilemma]

App development teams need their own clone of the production database — which includes terabytes of sensitive data — for rapid testing and updates. The rush to produce apps creates a security nightmare as each new clone of the database also clones the risks of losing control of that data.  

After highly publicized security breaches at Sony, and Target, it's not surprising that data masking is one of the most requested features by enterprise IT departments.

Delphix masks the sensitive data but more importantly, it eliminates the need for multiple cloned databases. It creates one master clone and then delivers just the data that each apps team needs, when it needs it: it is a pure definition of Data as a Service. There's no need to provision extra servers, storage, and software to set up each dev team, which can take weeks and as many as 300 IT service tickets.

There's an app for that...

We live in an app world, and apps have become the competitive differentiator for every large business. If your apps can launch in six months instead of 12 — Delphix enables a two-times faster production schedule  you have a six-month market lead that is yours to lose. 

[Please see my recent post on Coca-Cola CIO Alan Boehme and how he has been trying to gain a six-month advantage in his business by searching for innovative software. He has tried partnering with Israeli startups, but so far, with mixed results.]

People and IP...

Axis is not a big acquisition but it is strategically important because of its engineering team and its IP. 

Delphix has one of the strongest engineering teams in Silicon Valley. And a strong IP portfolio keeps them working and reduces the inevitable legal challenges that market leaders face.  

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The more I learn about Delphix, the more I see a myriad opportunities stretching way beyond apps development, to create tremendous value in this modern world of ours and its billions of users. 

As a journalist, I've always tried to report on the biggest, most original story I can find. And that's why I pursued and joined Delphix — it's a huge story.

Delphix has the means to become one of the most important Silicon Valley tech companies of this decade. 

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Media coverage:

- Richard Chirgwin at The Register has a very good explanation of data masking and why it isn't a trivial task.  Delphix offers a mask for your data • The Register

- Mike Vizard, a veteran IT journalist, writes about Delphix on IT Business Edge, and notes that

Most IT organizations are just now coming to understand the potential use cases for data virtualization inside the enterprise.

 [Mike Vizard's blog is called "IT Unmasked."]