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Delphix Adds Strength To An Already Strong Executive Team As It Preps For IPO

[Please note: My new day job is Editorial Communications Manager at Delphix, a fast growing IT startup based in Menlo Park, in the heart of Silicon Valley.]

Delphix this week named two key additions to its executive team as it prepares for an IPO.

- Stewart Grierson was named Chief Financial Officer. He rejoins former ArcSight colleague Rick Caccia, Chief Marketing Officer at Delphix.

Grierson was awarded "CFO of the Year" by the San Jose Business Journal in 2009: “Grierson helped lead ArcSight, valley's only IPO of 2008.” 

2008 was a tough year for Silicon Valley as harsh economic conditions forced the cancellation of many IPOs. ArcSight was the only Silicon Valley IPO of the entire year. Grierson also played a key role in the IPO of ONI Systems.

A strong CFO with an excellent reputation is a key asset for an IPO. A rising tide will lift all boats but rough waters will sink many enterprises that have no experience with the down cycles of the global economy.

- Delphix also announced Nick Fuentes as Head of Corporate Communications. He ran global PR for VCE, a joint venture between Cisco, EMC and VMware. He worked for eight years at VMware in a variety of PR roles, including driving PR during VMware's 2007 IPO, which raised $957 million and soared 76% to a valuation of $19 billion in its first day of trading.

Delphix is sending a clear message that, rain or shine, it's going public.

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I'm excited about my new role at Delphix and the challenge of figuring out what does, "Every company is a media company," look like, what does it mean? How is it best expressed? It's easy writing about this subject from the outside.

Stay tuned. I'll be sharing some of the lessons learned, here on SVW, and in a Masterclass at PR Summit in San Francisco in mid-August. I'll also be at Startup Voodoo in St. Louis in mid-June. 

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