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December 12: Come Join A Massed Citizen Choir Singing Handel's Messiah!

Monday evening was fun. I was at the San Francisco Community Music Center with my friend Allison Lovejoy as she interviewed conductor Urs Leonhardt Steiner. It is part of a series of interviews with local composers, musicians, conductors, and singers that are part of the rich cultural scene of San Francisco/Silicon Valley.

She spoke with him during a break in rehearsals for the "Sing it yourself Messiah" upcoming on Wednesday, December 12 at 8pm, at Davies Symphony Hall.

At this event the audience are the performers, singing Handel's Messiah and everyone is welcome. It is now in its 29th year and has become a much-loved holiday tradition for many people.

Allison is a wonderful friend because she helps me to escape the geek world and peek into her world, that of a classical pianist, cabaret performer, and educator. If she can help me escape occasionally, then maybe she can do the same for some of my readers too :-)

"Sing it yourself Messiah" is at Davies Symphony Hall, December 12, 2007. Tickets: 415 401 9229 or www.sfsinfonietta.org


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Here is Allison Lovejoy performing Bartok:

YouTube - Allison Lovejoy plays Bartok